I hope everyone has started filling out their brackets because it’s that time of year again.

That time when you hope the stars will align, the heavens will open up and the gods will guide your hand with divine intervention for the chance to win $1 million dollars.

I am of course referring to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show bracket challenge.

And you thought March Madness was the only “bracket”

What’s that? You didn’t realize that the elite Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will be taking place this coming Monday and Tuesday? Cancel your Valentine’s Day plans now because you are not going to want to miss the finals of the most prestigious dog show in the world.

But wait. You’re not sure how to go about filling out your Purina Pro sponsored bracket?

Well, lucky for you Andy Roddick is willing to help.

Yep, you heard me (or, rather, read me) correctly. Retired pro-tennis player, three-time Wimbledon champion, one-time U.S. Open champion, future Hall of Famer, Andy Roddick has shared his personal Westminster Kennel Club bracket with the public.

Roddick has finished his work for the week. He has chosen the miniature poodle to go all the way. Now he can sit back and watch the show with his own pups, Bob Costas and Billie Jean (I know every Roddick fan and sports fan just swooned at those names).

The winner as predicted by Andy Roddick

I hope the Westminster Kennel Club paid Andy a lot of money to give that endorsement. Is retirement that boring that a dog show, ok, the dog show, is what’s occupying his time as of late? Roddick has apparently come a long way since his days of throwing his racket and storming off the court. Some critics would say Roddick threw in the towel when he retired in 2012. He simply gave up. Roddick turned his back on the courts at the age of thirty, after a season plagued by uncharacteristic losses. He retired ranked thirty-ninth in the world, the lowest he had ever been ranked since turning pro in 2000. By many accounts, Roddick left the game in defeat.

Roddick bidding adieu

Since retiring, Roddick has kept a fairly low profile. He did a brief stint as a co-host on Fox Sports Live, but left the show in 2015. Since then, his wife, super-model Brooklyn Decker, has given birth to their first son and the couple continues to live in Austin, TX. Roddick is also apparently an avid dog-lover.

andy roddick.jpg
If this picture doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will

The inevitable question comes to mind- is Andy Roddick that hard up that he needs a joint endorsement with dog food? Since Decker continues to work steadily and Roddick is being inducted to the Tennis Hall of Fame this year, I would venture to guess no. He’s just a man who loves his dog (or loves getting paid to love his dog). But, if you’re a female ( or a male, I don’t judge) or a tennis fan (as I am), the endorsement might just work. I may set my DVR to record the Westminster Dog Show this year. If it’s good enough for Andy and his dogs, why shouldn’t it be good enough for me?


Author: katejune7

I am an undergraduate of UCLA and a graduate student working towards my dual Master's degree in Global Communication at the London School of Economics and the University of Southern California. Sports is my passion and I am a dedicated fan of both collegiate and professional teams. Though I am not an official referee, like any sports fan, I have my own opinions on matters.This is my space to give my take on the sports world as I work towards settling into a career in the industry.

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